Instructor Bio

I am a graduate philologist and master philologist for Serbian language and literature.
I have worked in Qatar and Serbia as a professor of Serbian, Serbian as a Foreign Language and English. I have a TEFL certificate, as well as certificates and diplomas related to language teaching to adults and children (such as "Early years - learning and creativity" or Practical Lesson Ideas ", Steve Garratt, Dragonfly Training, 2014 Doha, Qatar).
I've been teaching Serbian for ten years, of which seven I teach online (on education-related sites) and Skype. My students are people of different ages (the youngest is five years old), education, nationality (they come from Russia, Cuba, Peru, Burundi, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Egypt, New Zealand, America, Kazakhstan, etc.) but also have different interests.

Philosophy: I believe that emotional engagement is the key to all powerful learning. That is why I bring love, laugher, passion and meaningful project work into my classroom. I always look for ways to personalize learning and engage the students’ imagination.

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